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Christian Education Hour
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Worship Service
8:30 AM
Traditional worship service in the Sanctuary
Worship Service
10:00 AM
Traditional worship service in the Sanctuary
Worship Service
11:00 AM
Modern Worship in the Family Life Center
Connect Kids (Children's Church)
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Kindergarten - 4th Grade. Room 3.


Newsletter Team
10:00 AM
Room 9


Christmas Dinner food donation drop-offs
7:00 AM
Fellowship Hall kitchen
10:00 AM
Fellowship Hall
Modern Family Worship Service
5:30 PM
Family Life Center
Traditional Candlelight Worship Service
7:30 PM
Family Life Center


10:00 AM
Fellowship Hall
Bible Search
  • Christmas Eve Services
  • New Class begins November 2

Sometimes God doesn’t tell us His plan because we wouldn’t believe it anyway.                  — Carlton Pearson

The idea of being all in really reminds me of jumping in with both feet. The elders, as we all know, have been wrestling with some really tough stuff the past few years, but especially the last six months. Many people had varying thoughts of what the outcome should have been. A church is like a large family with all that comes with a family. We can imagine love, disagreements, hurt, joy and maybe a little fighting here and there. All of those emotions and actions can be used to bring people closer together or father apart. Thinking in terms of one particular aspect, disagreements, makes us uncomfortable. In our world it is often easier to fall away or separate ourselves from something than to deal with the issues, but our greatest relationships are often forged through the fires of frustration. That is where our beautiful church family may find ourselves at this time. As the elders have decided to stay within our current construct they have assured us that this church will continue down the path she has before. Some may see this as the easy path or the path of least resistance; I think it was completely the opposite. I see it as the harder path in many ways.  Why I see it this way is that the easy path is to try to find people who are exactly like us to join with. While that may seem great, it also lessens our witness in the world. Groups often hole themselves up with likeminded groups and end up speaking to themselves. To me the hard path is to be light where we feel there is darkness creeping in. We are a church that stands firmly on Scripture and its witness in the world. That witness will continue. Being in a large denomination we are at a broader table and some people disagree with us, but we are and will be there as a witness to the cause of Christ.

We don’t know what the future brings, but the Gospel tells us the future is bright in Christ. Let us continue to do the work of God at First Church Casa Grande as she has for nearly one hundred and twenty years. If we seek the face of God above all else, we needn’t worry because we are held by the most powerful force in all eternity, the loving hands of God almighty! My prayer is that as God has called us to be His people; we would continue to be “all in” in service to him.

Love to you and yours this Advent season,

Pastor Ben



All In: What is Peace? from Casa Grande First Presbyterian on Vimeo.

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