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This Week's Events


6:45 AM
Fellowship Hall
Montessori Preschool
8:30 AM
Room 20
Montessori Preschool
8:30 AM
Room 20


Men's Prayer Breakfast
7:00 AM
Room 17
10:00 AM
Fellowship Hall
Women's Bible Study
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Finishing up the Gospel of Matthew through October 8th, then starting the Gospel of Luke.
Bible Study Fellowship
5:45 PM to 7:15 PM
Room 17


Prayer Partners
2:00 PM
Room 16
Seeds of Hope Board
5:30 PM
Fellowship Hall
Praise Band Rehearsal
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Family Life Center


10:00 AM
Fellowship Hall
Bible Search
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Our mission at First Presbyterian church is to be a family of believers charged to reflect Christ in the world.


We are starting to hit the ground running into our cooler months. The cooler temperatures, if one can call them that, mean that more and more people will be around so different ministries will be expanding, etc. Our ministries will be morphing in the near future as we adapt, renew, and start new ministries to fit with our vision. Belong to God and to one another-Believe God’s word-Become more like Christ-Build a better community.


I have been reflecting with the staff and Elders where our ministries connect with the B’s and where they do not. In doing this, it got me to thinking about the B’s in my life. Do you ever ask yourself where your faith really lines up with the rest of your life? What does it mean to Belong to God in work? What does it mean to Become like Christ on the golf course? What does it mean to Build a better world as you go to Sam’s Club? What does it mean to Believe God’s word as you give of your time and talents in church? Reflect on these questions as you go about your daily life.


I want to share an illustration. Flip Wilson was a popular comedian several years ago, and one of his characters was a Preacher at the “What’s Happening Now Church.” Flip did a Skit where he told about this preacher. He’d shout out: "IF THIS CHURCH IS GOING TO SERVE GOD, IT’S GOT TO GET DOWN ON ITS KNEES AND CRAWL!!!" And the audience yelled back "Make it crawl, Preacher, make it crawl!”  "AND ONCE THIS CHURCH HAS LEARNED TO CRAWL, IT’S GOT TO GET UP ON ITS FEET AND WALK!!!" "Make it walk, Preacher, make it walk!" the audience moaned. “AND ONCE THIS CHURCH HAS LEARNED TO WALK ITS GOT TO BEGIN TO LEARN TO RUN!!!" "Make it run, Preacher, make it run!" "AND IN ORDER TO RUN, ITS GOT TO REACH DEEP DOWN INTO POCKETS AND LEARN TO GIVE!!!"  (pause)   "Make it crawl preacher, make it crawl!"


Could this be our individual faith lives? Could this be our church? We want Jesus and are inspired to serve him in all areas, but then we back off if it isn’t what we want exactly? May the world see Jesus in us.


See you in worship,


Pastor Ben



Pastor Ben Goes to the Movies: Rudy from Casa Grande First Presbyterian on Vimeo.

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