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Saturday, October 13
October 16, 2018, 1:18 PM

Went to the Presbytery meeting at St. John on the Desert Presbyterian church in Tucson.  Lovely campus (although plenty wet at the time!) in eastern part of the city.  On the docket:  moving a young woman from being an "Inquirer" to a "Candidate" for ordination in the de Cristo Presbytery, even though she is attending Union Seminary in New York.  The honorable Pastor Bill Heinle (chair of the Presbytery's Commission on Preparation for Ordination) presiding.  Also present at the meeting were Peter Vogel and Elder Larry Pazier.

Very touching was the church from Safford who were requesting to be dissolved, as their church has dwindled to less than a dozen members now.  Instead of putting their church building up for sale, they requested that the church property be donated to a new, thriving church in their town packed with younger folk and children without a church building of their own.

They even added a trust fund to take care of the church columbarium after the transfer of property.

A poignant reminder again of how fortunate we are a First Pres, and how we are being called to plan for the future and add diversity to our domographic makeup.

By the way, St. John's has a lovely Labyrinth on campus, with a spot for meditation in the  middle of it.  If it wasn't raining, I would have used it.

Pastor Paul