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Rev Charles Cook
August 20, 2020, 1:18 PM

We recently lost the Charles H. Cook Memorial Church building due to an arson fire. The following article was published in the Casa Grande Dispatch May 27, 1938. 

Charles H. Cook Monument to Be Dedicated Sunday

Memorial services commemorating the 100th anniversary of; the birth of Dr. Charles H. Cook and the dedication of a monument to the memory of the pioneer missionary to the Pima Indians will be conducted at Sacaton Sunday. The Services will be conducted at the Sacaton Presbyterian church at 2:30 p. m. and will be followed by the dedication of the monument at the site of the first Pima day school, two miles west of Sacaton, which Dr. Cook built and where he taught in 1871. Dr. Cook left Chicago where he was working with Dwight L. Moody in September 1870, for Sacaton He traveled by rail as far as the railroad went, then by stage and some of the way on foot. It took him four months to reach Sacaton where he arrived December 23. 1870 with Rev. S. A. Albrecht.

The story of his work at Sacaton when the west was young and the Indians not quite so docile was the story the Evangelical church. He will be assisted by Rev. Curry H. Love of the Presbyterian church and the pastors of other churches. The customs of previous years in rotating which will be told in part by Dr. George Logie of Phoenix who knew Dr. Cook well. Cook worked at Sacaton and brought many of the Pimas and Maricopas to Christianity, building churches in many Indian villages. It is one of the outstanding pieces of work done by our denomination any place in this country. Three years before Dr. Cook left. Dirk Lay took up the work and carried it on till 1937.

Dr. Cook's daughters from Des Moines and Sacramento will be at Sacaton Sunday.' Loudspeakers are to be installed so that the many hundreds who will attend will be well able to hear whether they are in the church or standing on the outside unable to get in. Sixteen Indian choirs will be in attendance from the villages where Dr. Cook worked in former days.