Deacons Parish Assignments

Sue Jahns                                             Moderator

Terry Sullivan                                        A-Bo

Jim and Bobbi Antholz                          Br-Coo

Alice Wilbur                                           Cop-Et

Doug and Darlene Antrobus                  Ev-Gre

Pam Walton                                           Gri-Jac

Richard and Peggy White                     Jah-La

Paul & Emmy Banwart                           Le-Mod

Cleetis Boyer                                          Moe-Pic

Judy Kitching                                          Pl-Sch

Theresa Hill                                           Scl-Thu

Bill and Summer Burkert                       Tow-Z


Congregational Care is supported by the Board of Deacons. Get to know your Deacon. They can assist you in getting the care you or a loved one needs.